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Gemini Season - It's about to get lit🔥

Updated: May 22, 2020

Todays is THE DAY!!! The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and there's an undeniable buzz passing through the streets. Some may not know if it's existence but all the ✨💫Zodiac 💫✨ peeps out there know that the day of reckoning has finally arrived.


If it isn't already obvious from the title of this article, I am one of *those* girls. You know, the type that bookmarks astrology websites, brings up star signs in perhaps too many conversations, and lives by my gemininess. My earliest memories of astrology come from my weekly grocery store trips with my mom. As soon as I would whiz past the electric doors, I'd grab a People or Us Weekly magazine. Just before we'd reach the check out line, I'd flip to the back and read my horoscope. Of course back then it didn't mean much to me as a twelve year old, but nonetheless I was intrigued. Intrigued in the sense that I grew up with a mom who believes that everything happens for a reason, in karma, and a general sense that a certain level of magic exists in the world.

21st birthday celebration in my dorm room @ Stanford University

My interest in astrology only grew as I got older. During my freshman year at Stanford, I lived one dorm room down from a girl named Ashlea. We actually meet (she remembers this part of the story more than I do) at an Admit Weekend for Columbia University in NYC months prior, but both of us ended up not only choosing Stanford, but living next door to each other (cue the mystical music). In her room of trinkets, paintings, incense, plants, and general mystical elements, she owned an old and tattered book on astrology. Inside the book lived a nice little dagger. I'm not kidding. Imagine something out of Aladdin. But the knife is besides the point. The point is the book contained a detailed section on astrology–complete profiles of each zodiac and none of this "an unexpected event will cause you to question things" generic stuff.

This was the exact moment that I really began to believe in astrology. And by astrology I don't mean a method of predicting one's life, fortune telling, or it existing as an exact science to yield certain results. To me, astrology is more about my belief that the moment of our births is in a sense recorded on a celestial clock and that timing is significant.

Hey, you might think I'm crazy but I urge you to look into astrology if you're skeptical or if you've ever wanted to know more. One of my all time favorite podcasts is Chatty Broads–run by Jess Ambrose and Bekah M (Bachelor🌹Alum). They have a awesome episode with guest Jessica Lanyadoo. She's a sick Astrologer and Psychic Medium who during the episode educates us on what astrology truly is, 101 basics, and even reads their birth charts. My mind was blow while listening to this episode in the shower, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving it a listen.



Ok, so back to the title of this blog post. Y'all came here for some GEMINI CONTENT (maybe?) so I'm going to give it to you. Our symbol is a pair of twins–some people take this to mean we're two faced, but Geminis are said to have a dual nature in interests. This duality also represents exchange and interaction. The sign of Gemini is closely associated with the exchange of ideas, communication, and trade.

Gemini Profile

Purpose of Gemini: The communicator of the zodiac, you really have a way with words and know how to use them to your advantage, You're always up for a healthy debate, you are extremely clever and quick witted. You were given the gift of curiosity. This and your deep thirst for knowledge has you picking up new things at the speed of light. You have a knack of pulling people out of their shell. That's why your purpose is to bring people together, especially those who normally wouldn't.

Famous Gemini

Are you familiar with the celebrities that share your sign? If not, go and look it up. I'm not surprised by some of the fanatics on this list.

- Kanye West

- Tupac

- Marilyn Monroe

- Judy Garland

- Boy George

- Lana Del Rey

- Naomi Campbell

-Mary-Kate & Ashley

- Lauryn Hill

- Jennifer Coolidge

- Tom Jones

- Brooke Shields

- Joan Rivers

- Russell Brand

- Paul McCartney

- Princess Nokia

- Ice Cube


- Carole Cane

- Prince

- Nicole Kidman

- Angelina Jolie

- Andre 3000 just to name a few...........

Gemini Memes

No one asked for these but...why not!

Astrology Resources

Whether you're a seasoned zodiac queen or this is the first serious interaction with ✨all things mystical✨here are the resources I personally use to learn and laugh about all things zodiac

This is relatively new astrology instagram account for me. I found them on Mother's Day when some of my friends shared their quote

Women are the portal between the spiritual real and the physical realm. The female body is the only entity on earth that is powerful enough to bring unborn spirits onto this plant. So let's worship the female being for the absolute life force she is.

Naturally, I became hooked. In addition to the instagram, they have a website for readings on birthcharts, compatibility, parenting, life path and more!

This is the ultimate ASTRO MEME account! All of the on point and yet silly observations about each and every one of the zodiac signs. Perfect contect to send to your astro-loving family, friends, and coworkers.

If you haven't come across Benito Skinner's parody videos on YouTube or Instagram, you're seriously missing out. He Pokes fun at all things pop culture and early 2000s aka the Kardashians, Bratz Dolls, college students, NYFW, and zodiac signs. There is a re-occurring series on his channel dedicated to what it's like dating a leo, taurus, gemini, etc. Choppy wigs, smudged eyeliner, and over the top green screens elevate these parody videos to the next dimension of camp & ridiculousness.

What astrology resources do you use? Always looking to broaden my horizons. Let me know in the comments section✨

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