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5 Types of People You'll Meet At Hostels

Let's be honest, one of the greatest parts of traveling is the people watching. I'm not sure if I have a weirdo magnet or an invisible "I like to eavesdrop on drama" sign tattooed to my forehead, but everywhere I go I seem to run into people at their most bizarre moments. Here's just a taste of the awkward moments my friend Patrick and I have come across during our adventures:

  1. At the customs office in Belize, we ran into a vodka handle wielding man stumbling between the Belize and Guatemala border shouting that "Canadians are the nicest people!"

  2. On The Bus in Hawai'i we looked out the window and for one fleeting second we saw a man lying on the side of the road petting a big black boar that was chained up to a post.

  3. While eating lunch al fresco near the Acropolis in Athens, a random group of men approached our group, placed their tourist map on the table and proceeded to speak gibberish for 30 seconds! I might only speak English and an intermediate level of French, but I swear to god these guys were trying to distract us so they could swipe our phones.

Since I'm not getting on an airplane anytime soon, I thought I'd compile a list of all the wacky people I know I'd come across during my adventures!

Rowdy Guy Crew

Known to some as "lads", no trip to Europe-wait, not trip to anywhere would be complete without running into a group (or a few groups) of rowdy lads. They're the types of guys you could never see holding down an office job, yet somehow they have enough money to backpack across Europe 3 months at a time and spend endless amounts of money on drinks. They party the night away guzzling down beer & vodka red bulls and someone they're up the next morning at the crack of dawn to venture off the the nearest cliff diving spot. They're often handsome (think 🌴Love Island contestants🌴) but most often can be overheard saying something problematic..Synopsis: fun to party with but not BFF material.

Down to Earth Duo

This is me! They are the two best friends (usually womxn) who have been planning a BFF vacation for a while. They're interested in doing it all-cultural sightseeing, wine tasting, semi-extreme thrills, tragic trips to the local disco, and tasting lots of good food. You can usually spot these dependiable gals because of their uniform: small cross body purse/fanny pack, sensible but cute sandals, summer dresses, and an iPhone at the ready for scenic shots and Google maps usage. Befriend these girls! They are prime "I have a friend in X country I should visit" material.

Extreme Solo Traveller

I have four words for you: Teva, granola, 60L backpack, and "Can I get the wifi password." This is the type of person who rolls up to the hostel after spending a couple of weeks off the grid. Their ideal type of adventure includes not showering for weeks on end and journaling in their off time. Don't be fooled by their granola exterior, these types of travelers usually love to cut loose on the dance floor with their unique moves. Above all else they usually have tons of belly laughing stories to share about their adventures.

10 Pound Toiletry Carriers

I don't know about you but I've seen some people at the TSA checkpoint whose entire suitcase is packed to the brim with beauty products. They'll bring their 10 step night-time skin care routine halfway across the world just to leave it all behind in the hostel bathroom by accident. They'll wake up 2 hours before everyone else to apply makeup and prepare their hair for a casual day exploring the town yet they won't wake up early to see the sunrise over the ocean? Props to them though for sticking to their health & beauty routine while travelling. I can barely remember to apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

Older People Living it Up

So hostels are technically "youth hostels", but some do not hold fast to age restrictions. On the rare occasion you might spot the group of older folks who never really aged out of the backpacker lifestyle. They're adventurous, wise, love it live it up but don't want to waste frivolous amounts of money on overpriced lodging. You can usually spot them because of their Patagonia/North Face outfits and extremely weathered skin. Maybe I'll be one of these folks in the future...

If you've ever run into a memorable or bizzare individual while staying in a hostel, please comment below with your story! Writing this post and recounting all the interesting

characters I've meet along the way is how I will be traveling for the foreseeable future. Until the next time✨

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Jul 13, 2020

8 person room in Amsterdam, a young Aussie named Jack came stumbling home at 4am shirtless, shoeless, and with a new cowboy hat. Ranting about the forest animals running around our room and trying to catch them... Turns out he had participated in some psychedelic substances that evening 😂

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